Ben's Ghana Adventures

A collection of all the emails that I sent while I lived, worked and travelled around Ghana West Africa from October 10th 2005 to February 10th 2006. Sorry thers a lot but I had a bloody good time living the experiences! Check out to see all my African Photos.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Some pictures for your consideration

Here are some shots which I collected from Africa. Memoeries are best collected.

I have so many but unfortunately I cannot add too many onto this blog. Alternatively I do have some on
So why not spend a couple of minutes browsing through my travels and life and times in the wilds of Africa

ASs for now I am readily packing for my trip to Indonesia. I fly out on April fools day. So really its good that I am not supersticious!! I am volunteering again, this time working with people with disabilities. I will start up another blog so you can all check out my progress in Asia.

But now I must remember all the things which I should have taken to Africa with me and take them with me to Asia. Things such as a cowboy hat and an mp3 player. So as I go off to try and get all the things that I need I will leave you to have the once over my pictures.

Have fun.
x x x


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